My Reading Intentions for 2022

There’s no time like a new year to set some intentions, in this case related to reading. 2021 saw many wonderful reading experiences (see my Goodreads list of completed books). Highlights included completing the Kristin Lavransdatter trilogy, listening to the 40-hour-plus The Eighth Life, discovering new Scandinavian authors to return to (in particular Norwegian Ingvild H. Rishøi and Swedes M.T. Edvardsson and Stina Jackson), and reading around the world. In the hopes of having an equally satisfying and fulfilling year in 2022, I’ve set some intentions to help guide my reading. Otherwise, I might find myself in a state of limbo due to indecision.

Continue with my Scandinavian reading 🇳🇴🇸🇪🇩🇰

This is a no brainer intention, one that I’ve had for several years now. For the past 4 years, I’ve done it by creating a Scandinavian Reading Challenge with prompts to complete in no particular order, and I’ve really enjoyed expanding and diversifying my Scandinavian reading that way. This year, however, instead of creating my own prompts, I will be participating in The Book Girls’ Decades Reading Challenge and reading a Scandinavian book, most likely a Norwegian one, that takes place in each of the decades from the 1910s through the 2010s finishing with a book spanning multiple decades – 12 books in total. I’m very excited about the new iteration of my Scandinavian Reading Challenge. You can read more about it on its page, 2022 Scandinavian Reading Challenge.

Read off my shelf 📚

This year I would really like to make progress on reading books I already have on my shelf. I look forward to doing the research and finding appropriate books for my 2022 Scandinavian Reading Challenge, but I will prioritize books I already have on my shelf, which includes many in Norwegian. I also have many unread Book of the Month selections waiting patiently and I want to work on reading those as well.

Read from more places in the world 🌍 🌎

I’ve always enjoyed reading from around the world, but I haven’t necessarily kept track of places I’ve visited through books. Last year I discovered and worked on The Book Girls’ Book Voyage: Read Around the World reading challenge. I didn’t follow their timeline, just their map. I read books for every area of the world, many times multiple books for an area, but moving forward I would like to read more from certain areas: Central and South America, Middle East, and Africa. In August, Women in Translation Month returns, a favorite reading event, and I will continue to focus on authors from outside Western Europe for that.

Improve with sharing on Instagram

I enjoy the bookstagram community very much. I have my favorite accounts that I follow. My intention when I set up my account a few years ago was to share my interest and love of Scandinavian books and other books in translation and interact with fellow readers and participate in the community. It hasn’t quite worked out that way so I’ll see how I can improve with that this year.

I am excited about the new reading year ahead, in particular my 2022 Scandinavian Reading Challenge. Have you set any reading intentions for the new year?

My 2020 Reading Intentions & Introducing the 2020 #ScandiReadingChallenge

Last year I was a bit overwhelmed trying to complete three reading challenges while also reading books for book clubs and books just because I felt like it. It didn’t help that I started a full-time job in the fall and found myself with less reading time/energy. I also have so many unread books on my physical and digital bookshelves that I really want to read, in particular Norwegian books that I’ve received as gifts. Therefore, this year my reading intentions are as follows:

  1. Keep up with my Scandinavian reading with another self-made Scandinavian reading challenge
  2. Participate in Modern Mrs. Darcy’s 2020 Reading Challenge
  3. Read off my shelf which includes making progress on my Book of the Month selections that I haven’t read yet (#unreadBOTMchallenge)
  4. Read books recommended by friends and work colleagues so we can discuss in real life
  5. Read books just because I feel like it

Last year I was a serious and dedicated participant in the Reading Women Challenge. Working to complete that challenge’s 26 very specific prompts was an interesting and rewarding task (see my completed reads here). However, it was also very time-consuming. If books I read this year happen to fulfill categories for the 2020 Reading Women Challenge, great! Or if I need inspiration, I’ll certainly refer to it. But I won’t sacrifice the above intentions to complete that challenge this year.

With that, I’d like to introduce the 2020 Scandinavian Reading Challenge. It is based on feedback I’ve received from last year’s participants and my own desires for the year.

I hope you’ll consider participating! You do not need to commit to completing all the prompts. My hope is just that you’ll consider Scandinavian/Nordic books for your reading and that we can share reading ideas and thoughts on what we’ve read throughout the year.

For more details and a printable PDF to record your reading, visit 2020 Scandinavian Reading Challenge.

What prompt looks most interesting to you?