#ScandiReadingChallenge: 1900/1910s

In January, the focus of the 2022 Scandinavian Reading Challenge is books that take place in the 1900/1910s. Find below some highlights from that time period along with book suggestions.

Do you have any Scandinavian books that take place during this time period that you recommend or know of? Leave a comment or email me any suggestions. I’d love to hear them.

Some highlights from these decades (and a little earlier):

  • Emigration – Norwegians began leaving rural Norway for North America in 1825, with mass emigration occurring the next 100 years. The majority settled in the American Midwest.
  • Hydropower – Producing electricity from rivers and waterfalls became the backbone of the Norwegian power system. Hammerfest, located north of the Arctic Circle, became the first town in Norway with electric street lighting in 1891. Oslo followed in the decade after 1890.
  • Peaceful separation of Norway from Sweden – June 7, 1905
  • Norway became the second country in Europe after Finland to give women the right to vote – 1913
  • World War I (1914-1918) – Norway remained neutral during World War I, but wielded influence through trade and diplomacy.
  • Spanish Flu – 1918
  • Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson (Norway) won Nobel Prize in Literature in 1903.
  • Henrik Pontoppidan (Denmark) won Nobel Prize in Literature in 1917 “for his authentic descriptions of present-day life in Denmark”.

The decade in photos:

Books to consider:

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Happy reading!

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