#ScandiReadingChallenge: 2000s

In October, the focus of the 2022 Scandinavian Reading Challenge is books that take place in the 2000s. Below you’ll find some highlights from that time period along with some reading suggestions.

Do you have any Scandinavian books that take place during this time period that you recommend or know of? Leave a comment or email me any suggestions. I’d love to hear them.

Some highlights from this decade:

  • War in Afghanistan – Norwegian Army sends troops to serve in Afghanistan as part of the NATO force that responded to the Taliban government’s support of al-Qaeda
  • For 20 years (2001-2021), Norway had military forces deployed to NATO and allied missions in Afghanistan. The last Norwegian soldiers left the country in August 2021, and the mission was terminated. (Source: Afghanistan/Forsvaret.no)

Books to consider:

Norway 🇳🇴

  • Armand V by Dag Solstad, translated by Steven T. Murray (Oslo 1960s and 2000s)
  • Berge by Jan Kjærstad, translated from the Norwegian by Janet Garton (Oslo in 2008, originally published in Norway in 2017)
  • Berlin Poplars by Anne B. Ragde, translated from the Norwegian by James Anderson (Contemporary fiction, originally published in Norway in 2004)
  • The Faster I Walk, the Smaller I Am by Kjersti Annesdatter Skomsvold, translated from the Norwegian by Kerri A. Pierce (Contemporary fiction, originally published in Norway in 2009)
  • Wait, Blink: A Perfect Picture of Inner Life: A Novel by Gunnhild Øyehaug, translated from the Norwegian by Kari Dickson (Contemporary fiction, originally published in Norway in 2008)
  • Where Roses Never Die (Varg Veum Series) by Gunnar Staalesen, translated by Don Bartlett (Crime fiction, Bergen in 2000s)
  • Tante Ulrikkes vei by Zeshan Shakar (not yet available in English)

Sweden 🇸🇪

Denmark 🇩🇰

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