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I’m a Norwegian who has now lived in Los Angeles just about 30 years. I moved from Norway to Los Angeles for no other reason than to be with my boyfriend. He came from a movie-making family and wanted to return to Los Angeles to pursue that field.

When we were trying to convince my parents to accept the move, he advised me to speak of “Los Angeles” instead of “LA” because it sounded more serious than “LA”. The term “LA” invoked such ideas as glamor, wealth, and beaches that probably wouldn’t be helpful when trying to convince my parents to approve of my move. Whether speaking of “Los Angeles” helped, I don’t know. But here I still am more almost 30 years later, and fortunately for my parents, I ended up marrying my boyfriend. We have now been married over 20 years and have two boys, Sonny age 19 and Doobie age 17.

I was born in Oslo and spent my childhood years moving back and forth between Norway and the United States. After first and second grades in Norway, the rest of my education was in the U.S. Every summer, however, our family would return to Norway even though my sister and I wanted to spend vacation time with our American friends. Also, despite admonishments from a teacher who believed it would delay our acquisition of the English language, my parents believed in the importance of maintaining the Norwegian language in our home. The result is that I feel like a true Norwegian in spite of all these years in the States surrounded by American culture. I speak, read, and write Norwegian; I have strong ties to Norway and my family there; and I have a keen interest in all things Norwegian (and Scandinavian, in general).

The initial purpose of this blog was to provide an insight into how our family experiences LA. What is it like to live here? And what does the city offer? Yes, LA has its movie stars and red carpets, fancy cars and traffic, beaches and lifeguards, but it is so much more than that as well. Even native Angelenos aren’t always aware of everything that their city has to offer. We did our best to explore Los Angeles and take advantage of all it had to offer, with a special interest in pursuing our Norwegian heritage.

As my boys got older, the purpose of this blog has changed. It is now more about me continuing to pursue my interest in all things Scandinavian through books, films, and events in the area.

I love hearing from readers. Feel free to leave a comment below, or you can contact me privately here.

My husband and sons at the Scandinavian Festival in Thousand Oaks, April 2012

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  1. Have you thought about posting about Norwegian (or Scandinavian) groups that meet in the greater LA area? My mom is from Norway and would love to make Norwegian (or Swedish, or Danish) friends but other than the San Pedro church, she isn’t sure where to go. She is based in the SFV but obviously drives. 🙂

    • Hi Luka,
      I’m not actually aware of too many Norwegian/Scandinavian groups that meet on a regular basis in the greater LA area. Besides the Norwegian Church in San Pedro, I am familiar with a group that meets at Cal Luthern in Thousand Oaks for Scandinavian Book Club and they are very welcoming to new members. I’m happy to provide contact information if she’s interested.

      • The Sons of Norway has lodges in Hawthorne, Van Nuys and Rolling Hills Estates. You can find contact information about these lodges on the Sons of Norway website.

  2. Delightful and well-written! Thanks for posting our Leif Erikson event on Oct. 8, 2017, and for inviting me to check your website.

  3. Hi! Your site is always full of useful family-friendly information. It’s a great resource.

    I was also wondering if you might consider a middle-grade fantasy, “The Aesir Kids,” that I wrote with my daughter? It’s the adventures of the children of Thor and other Asgardians. It’s available on Amazon.com — would it be possible to put a link on your store? I hope you don’t think this is too crassly commercial a comment! Thanks very much — James

  4. Hi This is Lexi currently senior Linguistic student of UCLA. I’m looking for a Norwegian speak help me record a sentence for my project. Please email me if you are willing to help. I really appreciate:)

  5. Hello! I have been looking for a Norwegian tutor in Los Angeles for the past year with absolutely no luck! I have tried private language schools, craigslist, norwegian churches and organizations..etc. No one seems to teach or know of someone who offers Norwegian lessons. Do you or anyone you know offer private Norwegian lessons?? I am half Norwegian and will be spending next summer in Norway and would really like to have a handle on the language. Any recommendations for learning the language in Los Angeles would be very much appreciated! Thank you!!

  6. So excited to find your blog today! I hope you don’t mind, I posted on a facebook page that I manage, Nor-Bu Lodge in New Jersey.

    • Hi, Karen. So glad that you found me! I always like connecting with like-minded people. I don’t mind at all that you shared my blog. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Hello Viking! I was happy to come across your blog – I’m always on the lookout for Norwegians in LA – thanks for the nostalgia and keep the Favorite Norwegian Events in LA coming; you’re my new info spot! If you ever feel like organizing a “Norwegians in LA” event of your own, you have one definite attendee here! 🙂 -Kelly (US native, Universitet i Oslo class of 2000)

    • Thanks for stopping by my blog! So glad you found my page on Norwegian Events in LA helpful. It’s people like you who give me added incentive and motivation to continue with it!

  8. Felt connected to you as I was reading your bio — I am from Minnesota (a different sort of Viking, lol) and moved to L.A. 18 years ago to be with my boyfriend. Said boyfriend is long gone, but I’m still here and enjoying all of what I love about living in this area (and still putting up with what I despise).I still have very close ties to friends and family in MN and go back and visit at least 3 times a year. Some similarities, no? 😉 Enjoyed bumping into your blog via hikespeak.com

    • Nice to meet you, Jacquie! Thanks for letting me know you stopped by my blog. It’s always interesting to hear from people with similar experiences!

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