2024 Nordic Literature Reading Challenge

For six years now I’ve had a version of a Scandinavian reading challenge in place. I started it for myself (and anyone else who wanted to join) as motivation to get to know Scandinavian authors better and to read Scandinavian books on a more regular basis. Over time, I expanded it to include all the Nordic countries. I’ve had some great years of exploring Scandinavian and Nordic authors and books. My favorite challenge was 2022’s The Decades when I read through the 20th century of Norway’s history.

This year I still want to continue and expand my Scandinavian/Nordic reading, but I also want to continue to venture beyond those borders with other reading challenges I’ve discovered, in particular reading around the world and reading diverse voices and perspectives in the United States (see Reading Goals, January 2024). Additionally, I want to be more of a mood reader and also catch up on books I already own and have on my TBR lists.

Therefore, for 2024, the categories are general and there is no deadline, just a goal of reading all the categories over time.

For each of the Nordic countries — Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, and Finland — I will read books by authors from those countries in the following categories:

  • Nordic Noir
  • Contemporary Literature
  • Historical Literature
  • Prize List
  • Free Choice


For the Contemporary and Historical Literature categories, it can be fiction or nonfiction, and Historical Literature can refer to the date of publication or the setting of the book. Prize List can be a prize-winning or nominated book for any literature prize. For Free Choice, the book can either be set in the country or be by an author from that country (or with heritage from that country).

For all categories, bonus points if the book is by or about the Sámi indigenous people. Even more bonus points for reading a book and joining an online Nordic book club.

Will you join me this year in adding some Nordic books and authors to your reading list?

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