2018 Scandinavian Reading Challenge

Welcome to the 2018 Scandinavian Reading Challenge!

This reading challenge focuses on the Scandinavian countries of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. There are 14 prompts with the intention of providing lots of choice for the new reading year. Choose to participate at whatever level suits you: a book a month, one book every other month, or even just a couple of books in the upcoming months. All levels of participation are welcome.

Share your intention to participate in the comments below or in an email, and share your progress on social media with the hashtag #ScandiReadingChallenge.

2018 Prompts:

  1. A book set somewhere in Scandinavia you would like to visit (or revisit)
  2. A book about Scandinavians in the USA
  3. A Scandinavian book made into a movie
  4. A crime novel by a Scandinavian female author
  5. A non-crime novel by a Scandinavian male author
  6. A Scandinavian book published in the last year (either in original language or in translation)
  7. An immigrant story (outside or inside Scandinavia during any time period)
  8. A book about Scandinavia during World War II (fiction or nonfiction)
  9. A book by a Scandinavian Nobel Prize winner
  10. A Scandinavian book of short stories
  11. A book about Norse mythology (fiction or nonfiction)
  12. A book about the Scandinavian way of life
  13. A Scandinavian book with the word “ice” or “snow” in the title
  14. A Scandinavian or Scandinavia-themed book whose cover piqued your interest

Click here for a printable PDF to keep track of your reading.

Happy reading!

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