Cheers to a holiday full of Norwegian Christmas streaming!

In the last few years, Norway during wintertime has become a popular setting for Christmas movies. If watching Christmas movies is on your list of favorite Christmas activities or you just want to armchair travel to Norway for some wintery, festive fun, then there’s a whole list of options to explore. Have you already seen any of these?

Christmas As Usual (Netflix Film, Released Dec. 6, 2023)

This is a new romantic comedy from Norway inspired by the true love story of the writer/director’s sister. Netflix’s description: To celebrate their engagement, Thea takes Jashan home — but his Indian roots and her Norwegian traditions clash in a chaotic Christmas. The story was filmed from February to March 2023 in and around Rauland, a rural area in Southern Norway.


My Norwegian Holiday (Hallmark Channel Movie, Premiered Dec. 1, 2023)

Hallmark’s description: JJ, grieving the loss of her grandmother and seeking dissertation inspiration, stumbles upon an unexpected holiday destiny. Meeting Henrik, a Norwegian from Bergen, their connection deepens when he discovers she has a troll figurine from his hometown. To explore the troll’s history and her grandmother’s ties, JJ agrees to join Henrik on a journey to Norway. In Bergen, they’re drawn into Henrik’s family Christmas and wedding traditions, with his sister’s wedding the day before Christmas Eve. JJ embarks on a holiday adventure, uncovering the troll’s origins and finding her own path to healing, love and family.

Home for Christmas (Netflix Original Series, 2 Seasons, 2020 & 2021)

I really enjoyed both seasons of this one! It’s a fun and atmospheric rom-com set in a Christmasy, winter wonderland in Norway. (It’s a bit raunchy at times, so beware if watching with young children.) Frustrated by all her friends being part of couples and families and her family constantly commenting on her single status, Johanna rashly and falsely announces at a family dinner on the first Sunday of Advent that she has a boyfriend. Now she has to find one to introduce on Christmas Eve.

A Storm for Christmas (Netflix Limited Series, 2022)

I was hoping for a third season of Home for Christmas, but instead came a spin-off of sorts with this limited series. The main character and her father from Home for Christmas return but in totally different roles. The story takes place at the airport in Oslo. Per Netflix’s description, “Destinies collide when extreme weather traps travelers and workers at an airport, forcing them to spend the final hours leading up to Christmas together.” I enjoyed this one as well.

Three Wishes for Cinderella (2021) (Available through Amazon Prime)

Apparently, it’s a Christmas tradition for many Norwegians to watch the Norwegian dubbed version (one voice for all characters!) of the 1973 Czech movie Three Wishes for Cinderella (entire film in Norwegian available on YouTube). In 2021, an updated Norwegian retelling was made by director Cecilie A. Mosli. The movie features spectacular shots of Norwegian winterscapes and architecture as well as glimpses of Norwegian culture. When Cinderella meets the Prince in the woods, they feel immediately attracted to each other, but he is expected to find a suitable bride at the next royal ball. Equipped with three magical acorns, Cinderella decides to determine her own fate.

The Crossing: Flukten over grensen (Released 2020, available through Kanopy)

This is not a Christmas movie, but it takes place during December during Christmas time. It tells the story of the adventurous 10-year-old Gerda and her brother Otto, whose parents are in the Norwegian resistance movement during the Second World War. One day, just before Christmas in 1942, Gerda and Otto’s parents are arrested, leaving the siblings on their own. Following the arrest, they discover two Jewish children, Sarah and Daniel, hidden in a secret cupboard in their basement at home. It is now up to Gerda and Otto to finish what their parents started: To help Sarah and Daniel flee from the Nazis, cross the border to neutral Sweden, and reunite them with their parents. Written by Maja Lunde and directed by Johanne Helgeland.

Journey to the Christmas Star (2012) (Available through Amazon Prime Video)

This is a remake directed by Nils Gaup, a Sámi film director from Norway, of the 1976 classic with Hanne Krogh. In this Norwegian fairy tale dubbed in English, a courageous girl sets out on a hazardous journey to find the Christmas Star in order to free the kingdom from a curse and bring back a long lost princess, but some mighty foes try to stop her.

Norwegian Television Julekalender: Snøfall (NRK, Premiered Dec. 1)

Does your family understand Norwegian? If so, then watch this year’s Norwegian julekalender, a TV series doled out daily in 24 short episodes leading up to Christmas. Start with Season 1 first released in 2016: “A wonderland full of magic and love. An orphan girl in a sad world. A secret portal separates them. Can Selma find the way?” Or join with Season 2 releasing this year: “Noah is 10 years old and has a very important Christmas wish, but what if the letter to Santa doesn’t arrive?” Interested in more Norwegian Christmas series? See a list of shows year for year starting with 1979 when the tradition first started.

I look forward to watching both of the new releases this holiday season. What will you watch? Are there other Norwegian Christmas films and series that I missed that should be on this list?