CicLAvia: Culver City Meets Venice (2015)

From our Backyard to the Beach

CicLAvia_Mural_1CicLAvia was recently back in our neighborhood, and I was finally able to corral the whole family to join me for a CicLAvia experience! It was my third attempt to get the whole family going. For my first CicLAvia, it ended up just being Doobie (age 6) and me, and the second time I did it alone.

But my success this time wasn’t without hurdles. First, I had to explain why I really wanted to do this again and have the whole family along. Then, the night before, when I had finally convinced all to join me and had planned the day, we discovered my husband had a totally flat tire that was beyond just pumping at home. Luckily, a local bike shop replied to my email overnight and confirmed they could fix it upon opening. We were good to go, just a couple of hours later than planned. Continue reading

CicLAvia: To the Sea (2013)

Our Ambitious Plans to Ride to the Sea

When we first heard about the event CicLAvia: To the Sea, we had great ambitions. We were going to take public transportation to Downtown LA and then cycle the whole 15 miles to the sea. An opportunity like this, with so many miles of road closed to car traffic, does not happen often and we wanted to take advantage of it.

We had participated in another bicycle event last June. Sonny and Daddy rode 15 miles along the Los Angeles River in the Family Ride portion of the 12th Annual LA River Ride. I stayed back with Doobie for the kiddie ride and activities because he wasn’t old enough for the other one. (You can read about it here.) This year we felt Doobie was old enough for us all to ride together.

CicLAvia mapAs the big day approached, we reconsidered our plans. The thought of riding to the nearest metro stop in Culver City and then somehow getting our four bikes on the train, along with everyone else and their bikes, was too daunting. Instead we decided just to join the ride where it passed by our neighborhood, which wasn’t too far down the street. It did cut off many miles (about 10) but we still had many left until the sea, and then we might make it back again too without too much anguish. Also, there was a bike festival along the route at that point that we could explore.

Then when the big day actually arrived, it ended up just being Doobie and me who participated! Unfortunately, Sonny’s bike had a punctured tire and we had no way to repair it. I was disappointed that we had to leave Sonny and Daddy at home and it wouldn’t be a family affair, but Doobie and I ventured out eagerly anyway.

Motor Ave BestFest Continue reading