Farm Fresh Produce to Us!

I woke up almost as excited as a little kid on Christmas morning.  For a long time, I’ve been intrigued by the idea of having produce delivered directly to me from a local farm.  After seeing an offer on Living Social for $31.50 worth of produce for $15, I bought it without a second thought.  It was a way for me to finally commit to giving it a try.  On Thursday, I woke up to a box of fresh produce outside my front door.  Since I had seen of list of what to expect, I knew what would be in it, but I was still very eager to open it and check it out.

Reactions by family members varied.  Sonny, the oldest, was the first to join me as I started opening it.  When I started telling him what was in it, he said, “Spinach?!  Ew!”  “Do you know what spinach is?  Can you pick it out for me?” I asked.  He started picking through our box, totally overlooking the spinach that was laying on top.  When I explained it was a leaf, like a lettuce, and showed it to him, he was surprised and asked, “Can I taste it?”  Just that moment was worth the $15.

My dear husband wasn’t as excited as me about the delivery.  When he came into the kitchen, he looked in the box and asked, “Does that mean we have to eat all that?”

Doobie, the youngest, shared my excitement when he saw the box.  He wanted to start eating right away and didn’t know where to start.

He finally decided on a carrot and lettuce wrap (for breakfast!) and some cherries, with more cherries in his lunch for school.

What I like about this produce delivery service is that I can set up delivery as often as I want it.  We’re starting with every two weeks.  I don’t want to overwhelm myself with too much fresh produce at once and the pressure of having to consume it all before it goes bad.  They let customers exclude certain produce so I have added some exclusions to our list (items I know I don’t like or have absolutely no idea what to do with) until I become more familiar and comfortable with all of this.  As of right now, I’m very excited for the next box to arrive in two weeks.  Hopefully, the oldest son and husband will become more welcoming of the box as well as time passes.

Does your family subscribe to a fresh produce delivery service?

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